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Why NOT To Conceal Your Remodeling Budget

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We hope you’re enjoying this great start to the summer! I just returned from a nice relaxing yoga weekend with my dear friend Danielle Omar where we enjoyed great weather and scrumptious vegetarian eats.

This weekend we’re gearing up for this weekend’s “Best of Reston” – let me know if you’re stopping by so I can keep a look out for you.

Speaking of looking out…we’ve added pictures of a gorgeous new DC row home addition to our Facebook gallery. A few extra feet on the front really increased this DC row home’s curb appeal, and also resulted in a completely new look for the expanded kitchen!

Of course as we all know, projects like this take a lot of work and let’s just say it money. Preparing and communicating your budget for a renovation project can be tricky and we know it’s important to be at ease with your investment.

Last but not least, we’re proud to share our “Client of the Year” recognition from SCORE®. Our mentor at this amazing SBA backed organization has been invaluable in helping us grow our business and we are humbled by the recognition.

Enjoy the weather and don’t forget to Renovate Happy!

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A lot of moving parts factor in to a project proposal. Put your mind at ease by finding a trusted design/build partner who can help you get the most for your budget.

Why Concealing Your REAL Renovation Budget from your Contractor is the Most Harmful Thing You Can Do

We often see budget-conscious clients who want to choose lower-quality products to keep costs down. The problem is, those choices don’t always correspond with the quality in the rest of their home and can ultimately affect resale, often doing more harm than good. On the other hand, some clients have a propensity towards great-quality products, and create visions for their space that if executed, would tip them way past their stated budget.

So how do we help clients when they are unwilling to share their budget? The simple answer is: we can’t. Most clients think that if they explain what they want to a contractor, the pros should easily be able to tell them how much it’s going to cost. Unfortunately, that’s a complete misnomer.

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The new kitchen features natural maple cabinetry, while the “old” kitchen – serving as a transition space to the dining room – stands out with cherry-colored cabinets.

DC Row Home Addition

This DC row home was the recent recipient of a literal “facelift”! To add a bit of space to the interior and improve the functionality of the kitchen and dining room, an addition was created on the back of the house, bumping out several feet.

On the exterior, a cozy new porch was created to shelter the back door, and the second level includes a small patio for chairs off the home office.

Inside, the existing kitchen was updated with new granite and backsplash and the expanded cabinetry of the addition lends to a much improved connection to the rest of the home.

Finishes include cherry-colored cabinetry in the new addition and contrasting bright maple wood in the existing kitchen, for an open, airy feel. An exotic White Spring granite and lush seafoam green wall color ties the two areas together and the result is a fresh and functional solution, both inside and out!

Mina and Mark Fies at the SCORE awards luncheon, May 22, 2012

Synergy Garners Business of the Year Award

Now we’re thrilled to share that last week we were honored by the DC Chapter of SCORE® as their business of the year. The award was based on exceptional business practice and performance – we know our success has been in no small part to their expert guidance and we look forward to their continued support.

Read the press release here.

Kohler VibrAcoustic tubs feature iPod hook-ups, reverberating water, and chromatherapy. What more could you need?

Product of the Month

In the current iPod age, where music has become almost infinitely portable, many industries have jumped to provide products that allow you to bring your own personal playlists pretty much anywhere. Music enthusiasts can hook up their mp3 players in their cars, broadcast their own music in foreign hotel rooms, and now plug into … their bath? Yes, Kohler now features a collection of VibrAcoustic bathtubs, which allow the user to pick pre-recorded tracks or plug their own mp3 player into the interface to fill the bath (in fact, the whole bathroom) with an immersion of sound. And if that’s not enough, the tubs (which can be used as giant speakers even when empty) are also equipped with panels that send vibrations through the water and the user’s body in time with the music. Combine that with a chromatherapy option, and you’ve got a whole spa right in your own home.

As Kohler VibrAcoustic baths run from $3,200 to $5,700, they are clearly aimed towards a niche crowd. But if you’re a music enthusiast who wouldn’t mind starting or ending the day to a soundtrack of your personal tunes, check out the StereoStik mirror speakers, which can line any medicine cabinet for seamless-looking sound. List price is a more manageable $230.

Been thinking about remodeling?

If a renovation is on your to-do list, you probably have a lot of questions and don’t know where to start. Why not let us help you get that project complete?

Get your free download of our Renovation Roadmap™ or visit us at and we’ll get you started on your way to a successful renovation.

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