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Life Under Construction: Who’s in Your Home?

By July 25, 2019April 21st, 2022No Comments

Many homeowners make assumptions about the general contractor or remodeling firm they pick for their home remodel. You get a great first impression from the initial sales meeting, but, odds are, those aren’t the same people who’ll actually be in your home doing the work every day during the construction phase of your home renovation.

If you’ve never undertaken a home remodel before, it can be confusing to know who all the players on the team are. From architects to interior designers to construction crews, it will help to reduce your stress if you know what to expect. In the design/build industry, once the design phase is finalized, the construction phase of your home remodel will be completed by a construction crew. This team usually comprises carpenters as well as speciality trade partners (electrical, plumbing, mechanical, tilers and drywall/painting). 

The best Carpenters are highly skilled, love working on fine finishing, have a passion for what they do and genuinely enjoy working with Homeowners on their home remodel to create the perfect space. Most professional remodeling firms like Synergy Design & Construction will have their own carpentry team, but don’t be surprised if the speciality trades are not in-house employees. This is not uncommon: most firms do not have a need for these highly specialized trades on a day-to-day basis, so they work with well-known and trusted partners as the need arises.

Carpenters and construction crews will be in your life, around your kids and overseeing your investment each day of the project, so it’s important to feel comfortable and develop trust in the in the folks who are coming and going every day while your home remodel is underway. Don’t forget to ask questions during the selection of a remodeling company about the people who will actually be doing the work on your home renovation:

  • Are your carpenters in-house employees or subcontractors?
  • Do I have a dedicated lead for my project?
  • What training or certifications do workers have?
  • What standards will the staff follow while they’re in my home?
  • Who will have access to keys while work is being completed?

So much of a home remodel depends on labor, so it’s important you’re comfortable with the field expertise of your team.

All of Synergy Design & Construction’s carpenters are in-house team members. We assign a Lead Carpenter to each home remodel we work on so there is continuity for you and a dedicated person who knows the intricacies of your remodel. They are responsible for your project’s quality, safety and security protocols as well as overseeing and managing the specialty trades needed on your home remodel, so you don’t have to. However, not every company operates this way. Regardless of who you choose to remodel your home, the point is to go beyond the initial sales call and find out who will actually be doing the work and overseeing your project.

Want to learn more about our Carpenters? We’ve got a great team, who will bring years of remodeling experience and expertise to your next home renovation project. They’re a fun bunch who work hard and take pride in their work. We know it’s not easy to open your home up to strangers, that’s why we want you to get to know them and be comfortable with who is in your home during your remodel

That’s just one way we help make remodeling as stress-free as possible. While there are many ways to feel more in control, here’s a FREE download of the top ten: Ten Secrets to a Stress-Free Home Remodel.

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